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Burmester Vintage Porto 1985

Vintage Porto

Casa Burmester has sold "Feitoria" (Factory House) or "Novidade" wine to Europe and the British Isles since 1750. At the time, it was transported in oak barrels, where it remained for approximately two years before being bottled. Since the beginning of the 20th century, all Vintages are bottled in the cellars at Vila Nova de Gaia during the second spring after the harvest.
Produced according to the traditional method of foot treading in classic stone "lagares", a Vintage is only declared in years of outstanding and exceptional quality.


Burmester LBV Porto 1996

LBV Porto ( Late Bottled Vintage )

In similar fashion to the Vintage, Late Bottled Vintage is produced in the traditional manner, thus gaining a more rustic and tougher character. It is aged in the Vila Nova de Gaia cellars in enormous oak vats in order to preserve its deep colour and fresh fruit flavours, gaining a closed and fruity character. It is bottled between the fourth and fifth spring after harvest. With time, some deposit will form in the bottle.
It is advisable to drink it as quickly as possible - as the wood accelerates its evolution - in order to be able to appreciate the full extent of its body, fruit and strong tannins.


Burmester Colheita Porto 1985

Colheita Porto

This is a wine of exceptional quality and elegance, a CASA BURMESTER classic that is made from a single harvest - a "Vintage Tawny" - aged in small 550-litre oak barrels in our Vila Nova de Gaia Cellars. It is bottled, at the very least, after seven years and in accordance with demand.


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