To Impress

We reserve the right to the so-called “little pleasures of life,” and we insist on tasting them almost as if we were inside a parallel space-time capsule in which everything moves at the rate we want.

We live in a global society, filled with diverse demands and constant connectivity. The future is uncertain and we feel that the present entails, daily, the pressure to act in the shortest possible time. By virtue of this, we embrace this reality and actively do our best to keep pace. In return, we value more and more offline experiences and Moments of indulgence – alone and / or with company.

The Challenge

When it comes to defining the scope of each of these Moments, enter into the equation the brands, products, and services. Brands that understand this mindset and needs, are considered, brands that present the conventional, become boring and are dismissed from the equation.


To accompany and elevate the sensory experience in one of these Moments, taste a Burmester Harvest 1952 and feel the ode to the senses. We are sure that it will Impress.