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Clássicos White

Extra Dry White

A vivid citrus-straw colour. On the nose it is rich and engaging, with predominant aromas of fresh fruit and hints of melon, citrus and tropical fruit. In the mouth it is fresh and sundry, with remarkable acidity, elegant dryness and great body. The fruity aromas -lemon, melon, peach – persistent throughout the tasting.


Best served at



4 - 8 months

Stored after open

Port Wine


Dried fruits
Fatty fish


The wine making process consists in a slight maceration for extraction of colour and aromas from the skins, pressing of the grapes, followed by fermentation, which takes place very slowly in stainless steel vats, under low and controlled temperatures (between 16 and 18°C) to ensure a fresh and aromatic style. The fermentation is halted by adding grape brandy to create the final fortified wine. Obtained by the blending of wines of different harvests, with different levels of maturation in stainless steel and wood for a minimum of 3 years, the result is a rich and well balanced wine.

Extra Dry White

Traditional Douro grape varieties.

The vineyard is disposed along the slopes on horizontal levels and, more recently, they are planted along the lines of greatest slopes, so called “Vinha ao Alto” (vertically planted vines).

Schistous-sandstone (greywacke), interspersed with granite in some places.

Up to 600 meters.

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